NewCap invests in land, construction projects, properties and businesses.

Construction projects & properties

Albyberg. NewCap are developing industrial facilities together with Örnästet Invest AB in Albyberg’s future industrial park just outside of Haninge, south of Stockholm. Contact for more information.

Morningside Marina. NewCap is planning to build 40 apartments in Saltsjö-Duvnäs. A new plan for the area is estimated to be ready during 2017.


nkgNordic Kitchen Group AB

Nordic Kitchen Group consists of four strong brands on the Swedish kitchen market; Canadaköket, Hagaköket, HärjedalsKök and LIB. Nordic Kitchen Group has a turnover of about 400 MSEK and about 150 employees. NewCap Industries AB is since 2006 the majority shareholder in Nordic Kitchen Group. See more at


 Vallastaden, Linköping. NewCap have developed 105 residential apartments in Linköping. The architects were Thomas Sandell, David Eliasson and Branco Kovacevic. The construction project was completed in petition quarter 2017.

op OP Administration AB. The company is a fullservice company within financials and administrations. OP Administration is located in Falun (Dalarna).

NewCap Albyberg2 AB. Industrial facilities in Albyberg’s future industrial park just outside of Haninge, south of Stockholm


Järven 4 AB

The property was sold in 2016 through sale of company.

Stora Mans 1
The property was sold in 2015 through sale of company.

NewCap Ekonomi AB. Full-service-company in accounting and administration, which were merged with OP Administration in 2012.

Förbandet 2 AB. 57 residential apartments were sold to AB Botkyrkabyggen in March 2010. Admittance was in the summer of 2011.

Netsurvey Bolinder. All holdings were divested in the spring of 2010.

Riksten friluftsstad. In Riksten Friluftsstad located in the municipality of Botkyrka the company has developed 57 residential apartments. The apartments were tenant ready in steps during the period of February to June of 2001. In accordance to the contract, the property with the completed apartments was transferred to AB Botkyrkabyggen in June of 2011. The project was carried out together with Miland AB.

Strand Interconnect AB. The shares were sold in 2008 to Addnode AB, which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange Small Cap.

Kamelen KB. The property “Kamelen 14” located in Malmö was sold thought company shares in the spring of 2007.

Fastighets AB Sollenta. 53 000 square meters of commercial property located in Sollentuna was sold in 2006.