About NewCap

Private equity

NewCap is a trademark in both private equity and private funds investing in non-listed companies and businesses. We activity manage, own and co-own businesses. We develop and manage properties. Within the enterprise it has been a major focus on companies related to the construction industry. We own and have owned companies involved in asset management, IT and other administrative services.

Investment philosophy

We are industry independent but we have a particular focus in the construction and real estate business. We want a dominant influence in the companies / projects we are engage in, it does not have to be majority shareholding and it can be regulated through agreements. The investment time to exit can be long as well as short.


NewCap was founded in 1996 and have since then developed into a number of NewCap-companies. Today the group consists mainly of three branches; NewCap Properties owns and manages properties, NewCap Projekt develops properties and NewCap Industries is the majority shareholder in Nordic Kitchen Group, a group that manufactures, develop and sell kitchens.

For further information about the NewCap investments, please see “Investments”.

NewCap is currently looking for commercial properties to build a new property portfolio, please contact Johan Lavén at johan.laven@newcap.se


The board of NewCap AB

Anders Orrling
Chairman, Graduate Business Administration and Construction Engineer, born 1951. Long experience within finance, properties and land explorations.
anders.orrling@newcap.se +46 705 55 30 44

Peter Ekman
Member of the board and CEO, Graduate Business Administration, born 1953.
Long experience within finance, properties and land explorations.
peter.ekman@newcap.se +46 708 11 93 95

Lars-Olof Olsten
Member of the board, Economist, born 1964.
Experience within accounting, tax and company issues both in Sweden and within the EU.
lars-olof.olsten@newcap.se +46 708 24 75 90

Johan Lavén
Member of the board, Graduate Business Administration, born 1951.
Experience from business transfers, real estate and finance.
johan.laven@newcap.se, +46 706 31 72 54

Associated activities

Olsten Consulting AB